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About Us

The OneLegacy Advisors™ program provides a simple, engaging—and thought-provoking—way to address needs BEFORE these circumstances arrive.

Our Story

It’s an indisputable fact of life—no one likes, or wants, to talk about death. And that includes funeral planning or final expense costs.
The creators of OneLegacy Advisors™ know that all too well. We’ve experienced the loss of loved ones firsthand…and lived through all the challenges that come with it. That’s why we’ve created a solution for dealing with end-of-life issues—one that will get a conversation started TODAY.

But more than that, starting that dialogue can lead to better and more thoughtful ways of planning for final disposition and funeral expenses.

The OneLegacy Advisors™ program provides a simple, engaging—and thought-provoking—way to address these needs BEFORE your family is faced with them.

Learn more about how OneLegacy Advisors™ can help you create a blueprint for your legacy.

After all, you have directed your life. Why not direct what happens after it?


We are excited for you a part of the our family.


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Our Mission & Vision

What if your DASH ended today? Would you be ready?

OneLegacy Advisors™ can help you prepare. Our goal is to revolutionize Estate Liquidity Planning for a new generation—one that isn’t afraid to talk, with gusto, about the life they have lived and prepare for the future with a sense of purpose.

Everyone does some sort of planning for other life events, but they rarely plan for the short window that occurs after a death—when families need money and are faced with paying the bills and following up on many pressing demands.

Our program is more than just pre-planning. It’s about creating the tools that will guide families after loved ones are gone. And it can be done in less time than it takes to visit the grocery store.

Join with OneLegacy™ Advisors in documenting legacies that need to be told.

Life is worth celebrating, let's ensure that it is.

Be the relief that families deserve.